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Satellite workshops

Workshop on “Interpersonal coordination and phonetic convergence”

NEWS! For attendees of the ISSP, especially those arriving early for the satellite convergence workshop:  we are planning an informal (and individually financed) dinner at a local restaurant (Maybach Restaurant, 2min walk from Hotel Azimut, see map) the evening of Saturday May 3rd.  If you’d like to join us please contact by Friday May 2nd so that we can make appropriate reservations.  Hope to see you there!

Workshop schedule is available here.

Abstract booklet is available here.

Organizers: Tine Mooshammer & Mark Tiede

Date: May 4, 2014, 10am-6pm

Location: Neuer Senatssaal (Main building), University of Cologne

Map Convergence Workshop


Invited speaker: Ivana Konvalinka (Title: Synchronized and complementary mechanisms in tightly-coupled interactions)

Attendance is free, however, because space is limited please confirm your intention to attend by emailing before the meeting.

When humans interact they typically show converging patterns of coordinated behavior, as in walking in step, postural sway or synchronized applause. Interpersonal convergence has also been found in speech when speakers interact inconversation. The aim of this one-day satellite workshop is to review recent advances into such research questions such as:

  • What are the underlying mechanisms that cause humans to mutually adapt?
  • What factors facilitate or impede convergence and entrainment?
  • Which processes and levels of the production system are affected?

All workshop presentations will be talks. The talks will be 15 minutes plus an additional 5 minutes for discussion.  The workshop itself will take place on Sunday May 4th from 10am to 6pm. A program will be available at the beginning of April. The featured speaker will be Ivana Konvalinka discussing “Synchronized and complementary mechanisms underlying interpersonal coordination across behavioural, neural, and physiological domains.”

The last 45 minutes of the workshop will be a panel discussion providing an overview of experiences with dual-EMA systems contributed by Jana Brunner, Phil Hoole, Sungbok Lee, Tine Mooshammer, Mark Tiede and others.

An abstract booklet will be provided for download a couple of days before the meeting. Please submit any revisions to your abstract by April 15 should you want to make corrections.

To help us plan appropriately for lunch and coffee breaks please confirm your plans to attend the workshop by March 31st by return email.  Please forward this information to your co-authors. We don’t have a complete list of all email addresses.

EMA Workshop

Organizers: Carstens Medizinelektronik

Date: May 6, 2014, 7pm

Location: Komed (Conference Venue)

Contact person: Brigitta Carstens

Further information is available on the webpage.